Together we can create a funeral that’s fitting and special for your loved one

We believe that a funeral should be a personal and special occasion, where you dictate what happens. We’re here to make that possible.

What to expect at the meeting

We want you to feel in control of what happens in your loved one’s funeral. This meeting is where we help you to work through what you want.

The meeting can take place at one of our funeral homes or we can visit you if that is easier for you.

The meetings usually last between an hour and an hour and a half. If a meeting doesn’t work for you, say, because of distance, we will support you via phone calls and/or email instead.

  • Family and friends welcome
  • Caring and supportive staff
  • Dedicated point of contact
  • Visit us or we’ll visit you
  • Lasts approx 1-2 hours
  • Advice on coffins or urns
  • Advice on types of service
  • Advice on transport options
  • Advice on dates & times
  • Advice with bereavement

Book a Funeral Arranging Meeting with us
With our help, explore options and make your choices
Let us help you to create a personal funeral

Our place or yours

Our funeral arranging meeting can take place at either one of our two Sheffield based Funeral Homes.

We can also visit you at your home for free if you prefer. Some peope find it more comfortable and relaxing to be in familiar surroundings.

If a meeting doesn’t work for you, say because of distance, we will support you via phone calls and/or email instead.

Preparing for the meeting

The most important thing that you can bring to the Funeral Arranging Meeting is yourself, and the knowledge that you have of your loved one.

We will work with you to explore how you might want their character to be reflected in the funeral arrangements.

This can be anything from a funeral that is minimal (or even unattended!) to an event that is far more elaborate.

Family & Friends

There may be people close to you who want to help. There are lots of things they can do, either before the day, or on the day of the funeral itself – if you want them to.

Don’t be put off from asking for practical or emotional support, both you, and whoever you ask, could benefit.

Going at your pace

We don’t expect every decision about the funeral arrangements to be made at our initial meeting with you. You may want to take a bit more time, or to consult with people who haven’t been able to be involved in discussions. All of this is fine, we will go at your pace.

We’re here to help

Please don’t feel you have to do this alone. Our team are on hand to provide personalised, practical help & advice no matter what your situation.

Give us a call Our team are here for you