‘Price increases double the rate of inflation’ - Sheffield firm welcomes funeral price report

13th December 2018

Sheffield funeral directors, Peace Funerals, have today welcomed the conclusions of the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) investigation into funeral prices. 

The investigation was triggered by Government concerns about the rate at which the price of funerals, and crematorium fees, appear to have been rising. Funeral poverty1 has increased, and low income families are finding that funeral costs can take up to nearly 40% of their annual income.

The interim2 report concludes that over the past 14 years, the price of essential elements of a funeral has risen by 6% per annum, twice the inflation rate over the same period. And the report singles out the biggest firms of funeral directors3 for implementing large annual price increases.

‘Not all funeral directors are the same’ said Gavin Moorby, co-manager at Peace Funerals. ‘Consistently, the small independent funeral directing firms, like ourselves, have provided quality services4 at reasonable prices. By shopping around customers can save themselves as much as £1000 for exactly the same service.’

The CMA report recognises that the extreme vulnerability of bereaved people has been a major factor in enabling suppliers to charge high prices.

‘We believe that it is immoral and unethical to exploit people who are not in a good place for decision-making’ said Stephen Parkin, the other co-manager at Peace. ‘We hope that more and more people will avoid this in future by either getting someone less emotionally involved to do some ‘shopping around’ on their behalf at the time of a funeral, or shopping around for a funeral plan for themselves well ahead of their time of need.’

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