Making it Personal

Leading the ceremony


The choice of who leads the funeral ceremony is a significant one and has to feel right for you.

Sometimes there is a family member or friend who feels confident in taking on this role. If they haven’t had the experience of leading a funeral ceremony before, we will help them to consider the practical issues and logistics, so that they feel more confident on the day.

If you already have a strong link with a church, you may want the minister or priest from that church to lead the funeral service.

But if you don’t have a particular minister or celebrant in mind, we can help you find someone that you feel is appropriate. Partly this will be influenced by whether you want to have a non-religious, semi-religious or religious ceremony. Or you may have a strong preference about the gender of the person leading the ceremony. We regularly work with a small group of ceremony leaders, some ordained and some not, who are very flexible people and will work with you to design and deliver a funeral ceremony that you feel is very personal and special.