How we work

We believe that a funeral should be a personal and special occasion, where you dictate what happens.

How we work with each family depends upon what suits you best but normally (except for our Basic Cremation and Basic Woodland Funeral Services) we would come and visit you at home. Because we want to make sure that you have sufficient time to consider the choices open to you, we generally advise families to allow two hours for that initial meeting. And if it’s possible for you to gather as many people as you want to have a say in the funeral arrangements that also helps.

We don’t expect you to make every decision about the funeral arrangements in the initial meeting. You may want to take a bit of time to consider some matters further, or even to consult with people who haven’t been at the meeting. The important thing from our point of view is that the decisions that are made are yours.

The funeral director who visits you will normally (holidays, sickness, and prior commitments excepted) be your main point of contact during the time up to the funeral and will also be present on the day to support you.

In order for us to keep the cost of our Basic Cremation and Basic Woodland Funeral Services as low as possible, when arranging these types of funeral we ask that you visit our premises to make the arrangements and/or deal with us by phone, post and email. Often our meetings are quite a bit shorter and would tend to last between an hour and an hour and a quarter.