Although many people opt for cremation, funeral services held at crematoria can sometimes feel quite impersonal and rushed. Many families have told us of past experiences of cremations that they have attended which have left them feeling as though they were part of a conveyor-belt process – with mourners arriving for the next funeral whilst they were coming out of the funeral for their loved one.

However, with a bit of thought, and time, and care, it is possible to create funeral ceremonies at crematoria that overcome most, if not all, of these issues. And at most crematoria, we can even book extra time for your ceremony if you wish (at extra cost).

We have helped families to design many different sorts of funeral ceremonies at crematoria. Some of these have been very simple – for example, with no ceremony leader but just quiet time for mourners to sit and have their own thoughts. At the other end of the spectrum, we have organised ceremonies involving a number of speakers, two or three groups of live musicians, and many other personal features. Some initial ideas about how you can help to create a ceremony that feels right for your loved one can be found on our ‘Making it Personal’ pages.

And one of the decisions that you do have control over is which crematorium you use –  you are not restricted to using the one closest to you or even to ones in your borough. If you’d like to find out more about crematoria near you, please refer to the menu in the sidebar.