Making it Personal

Care of the deceased

An aspect of the funeral arrangements that people sometimes find difficult to discuss is what happens to their loved one’s body after it comes into our care. If you would like to know more, please read on in this section.

As a general rule, we do not embalm people that come into our care, the only exception being if their body is being repatriated abroad, where international air regulations make it a requirement. But we feel that embalming is quite an invasive process, and unnecessary if you have good refrigeration, so we avoid it.


Keeping your loved one at home

Although when someone is alive we want to keep them warm, the best thing we can do when they pass away is to keep them cool. So if you would like to keep your loved one at home for a while, or even up to the time of the funeral, we can hire you some portable refrigeration equipment that will enable you to keep their body at the right temperature.


Family/friends involvement with washing and dressing

If you’ve been caring for a loved one for a while, you may feel that you want to be involved in one final act of care - the washing and dressing of them. Although this isn’t an option taken by the majority of families, we have found that when someone does want to do this, it has been a very cathartic process. And, of course, we will provide you with any level of assistance that you want.