Basic cremation

What is a Basic Cremation?

Our ‘Basic Cremation’ is a low cost funeral package where we provide the essential funeral services, without any ‘frills’. All the things that you might traditionally expect to be provided by a funeral director are included.

That means that the hearse, bearers, quality coffin and fittings, collection costs and our professional fees are all included.

We will also appoint a minister or celebrant for you if you wish, although the charge for the minister or celebrant is additional, and you would need to liase with them about the contents of the funeral ceremony.

Basic Cremation

Area 1 - £1155 + Disbursement Costs

Area 2 - £1255 + Disbursement Costs

The funeral ceremony must take place in the crematorium chapel.

Basic Cremation Package includes:

  • Collection from place of decease within normal working hours
  • Storage at our own premises
  • Quality veneered coffin, with handles, nameplate and cotton lining
  • Transport of coffin on day of funeral direct to the crematorium by hearse
  • Four bearers
  • Our professional fee

The disbursement costs are:

  • The Doctors’ fees for signing the cremation forms (£164)
  • Crematorium Fee (Typically £500 - £850)
  • The Minister’s or Celebrant’s fee (usually £175 - £205)


Additional options available in the 'Basic Cremation' - Supplemetary Charges

 Option Extras Available


Area 1 Supplementary Charge

Area 2 Supplementary Charge

Cardboard Coffin instead of Veneered Coffin



Elyzium Willow (basket work) coffin



Mawdesley Willow (basket work) coffin



Collection out of hours



Washing, dressing and preparation (including viewing in hours)



Viewing, out of hours (including weekends)

£40 per hour, per visit

£40 per hour, per visit

People carrier instead of hearse to transport coffin

No Charge

No Charge

Limousines, per car



Hearse leaving from family address



Collection of Ashes / retention



Any additional services will be charged at a cost based upon amount of staff time used


What parts of the funeral arrangements would the family be responsible for?

If you choose the ‘Basic Cremation’ package, you take responsibility for carrying out certain tasks.  They are:

  • Ensuring that we receive safely, at our Sheffield premises, the green form that you will be given by the registrar and that you sign two other forms that are required before the cremation can go ahead.

  • Organising any funeral ceremony that is taking place with the minister or celebrant

  • And, if you have selected the ‘washing and dressing’ option, arranging for any clothes to be worn to be delivered to our Sheffield premises


If we want to arrange a 'Basic Cremation' for a loved one now, what do we do next?


Call us straight away on our 24-hour number, 0114 253 0505, and we will take up matters from there.